La Pagina del Millon
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La Pagina del Millon

Two Spanish college students from Rovira i Virgili University, Isaac Paton and Florencia Manette, opened the fifteenth of March La Pagina del Millon, an internet web page thru which they hope to pay their university degree prices

After Alex Tew’s achievement with “Themilliondollarhomepage”, just a few months ago, now younger Spanish college students try to do the identical with www.Lapaginadelmillon.Es.

The web page is dependent with 10.000 squares of one hundred pixels each, on the charge of one euro per pixel. People inquisitive about acting within the page purchase the pixels to insert the image which links to their own net pages. This is a manner to growth the variety of visitors; within the web page is confirmed the comments from the shoppers’ pleasure about the extremely good range of site visitors they have got with handiest a hundred pixels they offered in La Pagina del Millon.

One of the variations from the English project is this one is addressed to the Spanish Community.

After 3 months’ revel in, the younger university college students have collected 20.000 euros, they have been in radio and TV interviews, in pieces of news within the Spanish information papers and additionally in portions of information on-line.
Other differences from other similar tasks are that www.Lapaginadelmillon.Es gives a severe service and it is shown on the first locations in internet search (Google, MSN).

In order to convey out the project in a felony and severe manner, the 2 young university college students have hooked up a company. This implies a supervision of all the terms provided via attorneys. Moreover, an critical Spanish Bank offers guide to guarantee the safety and privateness to pay on-line.

It may be summarized that www.Lapaginadelmillon.Es is an internet web page in which every body can take advantages of its opportunities: the students get cash to pay their college studies, and the shoppers increase their recognition and a top notch deal of visitors to read their commercials and go to their personal net pages.

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